What is 'One More Page'?


One More Page is a podcast for lovers of kids’ books. Whether you’re a kid, a librarian or just one of those people who never grew up…this is the podcast for you. Packed full of interviews, book reviews and industry gossip, not to mention the occasional fart joke, One More Page is your fortnightly foray into the world of children’s books.


Want to be on our show? We interview a wide range of people connected with children’s books: authors and illustrators, book bloggers, book sellers and publishing professionals. If you have something interesting to share with our audience and would like to be interviewed for the show, drop us a line on Facebook or send us a message here.


We love to have the inside scoop on new books coming out. Authors and publishers - if you’d like to send us an advance review copy of your upcoming book, contact us to see if we’d be interested. Unfortunately we can’t review every book we read on our show, but if we love it, we’ll be sure to give it a shout out.

Kate Simpson

Kate is a children’s author and bookworm. She has a full time job, two small and delightful children, a burgeoning writing career and a podcast. Kate has no other friends* or hobbies as she doesn’t have time for them. She does, however, have books!


Kate’s debut picture book is scheduled for release in July 2018 with EK Books, to be followed in 2019 by a second picture book, published by Allen and Unwin. You can find out more about Kate at www.katesimpsonbooks.com


*I really do have friends. Sorry guys - we’ll catch up soon, okay?

One More Page Podcast Chicken
One More Page Podcast Kate Simpson

Liz Ledden

Liz has long escaped between the pages of a good book, and was a ‘reading by torchlight under the covers’ kind of child. She now turns a blind eye to her own kids doing the same.

She loves to read and review kids’ books, and write her own stories too. Liz has worked as a writer in various guises, from magazines to marketing, and she’s lived in Vietnam, Cambodia and Canada. She has a rescue dog named Frankie who acts like a cat, and loves travel, cafes, markets and maxing out her library card.


You can find Liz online at www.lizledden.com or on Twitter/Instagram: @liz_ledden

One More Page Podcast Cat
One More Page Podcast Liz Ledden

Nat Amoore

Nat got bigger but she never grew up. She still reads the same books she read when she was 10 and she still writes the stories she wanted to read then too.


Her motto is 'if you want it, do it'. She wanted to be a trapeze artist so she ran away and joined the circus. She wanted to be a fluffy monster living under a bed so she played Fuzz in the movie 'Out From Under The Bed'. She wanted to be on a podcast and....well, here we are.


You can find out more about Nat at...

Website: www.natamoore.com

Facebook: @NatAmooreWriter

Twitter: @nat_amoore

Instagram: @nat_amoore


...or come knock on her door and invite her out for a hot chocolate. She also likes climbing trees so you could ask her out for a tree climb too.

One More Page Podcast Frog
One More Page Podcast Nat Amoore

all illustrations have been done by Marianne Khoo who we love & appreciate more than she can ever imagine!

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