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The Animal Bookdom

Welcome to the animal bookdom! Meet elephant lover and multi-talented author Irma Gold. Then the animal fun continues in Kids Capers with Carla Fitzgerald!

Tackling the TBR

In this episode we tackle our always-growing to be read piles!! Tune in for kids’ book recommendations galore.

Get ready to hit the bookshops!

Book Week Bonus Episode 3 -Belinda Murrell

Recorded live at the Writing NSW Kids and YA Festival 2022, meet Belinda Murrell!

Book Week Bonus Episode 2 -Wai Chim

Recorded live at the Writing NSW Kids and YA Festival 2022, meet Wai Chim!

Book Week Bonus Episode 1 - Deborah Abela

Recorded live at the Writing NSW Kids and YA Festival 2022, meet Deborah Abela!

A Cast of Characters

Get to know an amazing cast of kidlit characters – Jess McGeachin, Jordan Collins, Phil Lesnie and Tristan Bancks!

Thrills & Spills

It’s time to get your daredevil on, cos we’re talking all things stunts with debut middle grade author Trent Roberts!

Arty Party

Join our Arty Party with illustrator superstar Sophie Beer! Plus hear from kidlit all-rounder Rebecca Timmis, winner of a pod spot via the Lismore Flood Recovery auction!

Real-life Adventures

In this episode, we’re chatting real-life adventures. Meet author Joanna Grochowicz and hear about her new Antarctic tale, Shackleton’s Endurance. Plus you’ll hear from one of the winners of our Lismore flood recovery auction prizes, kids’ author Emma Bowd!

The Magic of Childhood

In this episode, we meet author Edwina Wyatt, who taps into universal childhood experiences in her books.

And in Kids Capers, meet a young reader and hear about the books which evoke their own magic!

Building a book

In this episode we’re uncovering how books are built, from start to finish! Meet Allen & Unwin kids’ book editor Nicola Santilli for a peek behind the scenes, and in Kids Capers, meet talented self-published young author, Kanako Okiron.

Office Xmas Party

Pop on your Christmas costumes and gather round the water cooler – it’s time for OMP’s office Xmas party! With special guest, our very own illustrator, Ramona Davey.

The Great British Book Off

Pack your passports and journey with us to the UK! Meet three stars of the kidlit scene across the pond – Clare Weze, Harriet Muncaster and James Lancett!

All The Feels

In this episode, we’re curling up with kids’ books full of feeling. Meet Maryam Master, who discusses tackling tricky topics, and in Kids Capers we hear from Peter Carnavas!


Guest episode artwork by Charmaine Ledden-Lewis.

Tidda Time

In this episode, make time to get to know some amazing Aboriginal creatives. Meet illustrator Charmaine Ledden-Lewis, and young Penelope Towny chats with author Kirli Saunders.

Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds

It’s time to celebrate Book Week! Meet emerging kids’ book authors Rory H. Mather and Victoria Mackinlay, plus hear team OMP’s play published in the recent CBCA anthology.

We Are Family

In this episode, we’re celebrating family with a fabulous interview with Radhiah Chowdhury, publishing professional and author of The Katha Chest. And Josh Pyke and son Augie take over our Kids Capers segment!


Think Different

In this episode, we’re meeting some amazing minds! First up is the multi-talented Jess Thom, a sensitivity reader on Nat’s new book THE RIGHT WAY TO ROCK. Then in Kids Capers, meet PAWS author Kate Foster!


We can't believe we haven't had you on the show yet!

 In this episode, we have not one but three special guests who we can’t BELIEVE haven’t been on One More Page before! Meet the amazing Yvette Poshoglian, Liz Anelli and Felice Arena.

Your parents would not approve!

Your parents won’t approve of the hijinks in Huda and Me. But they will TOTALLY approve of our special guest, its author H. Hayek! Plus - hear the winning story in our kids’ writing comp!

Writing Royalty

Meet three Australian writers deserving of ‘the’ crown – the wonderful Wendy Orr, Ursula Dubosarsky and Alison Lester!


New Kids On The Block

Meet the newest kids on the publishing block, James Layton and Mary Anastasiou of Larrikin House. And in Kids Capers, get your nerd on with Nathan Luff and Chris Kennett!

Naughty or Nice

Somehow, team OMP are on Santa's naughty list!

Join us for an epic Christmas quest, and find out if we redeem ourselves!

Stranger than Fiction

Immerse yourself in the wondrous, wacky world of kids’ non-fiction! Meet two superstars of kidlit’s fact-filled side,

Terry Denton and Sami Bayly.

130-storey Book Week Bonus

Look who popped into the pod for a Book Week bonus episode! Meet none other than best-selling author of the Treehouse series himself … Andy Griffiths!!

Curious Creatures, Wild Minds

This episode we’re celebrating all things Book Week! Meet James Foley and hear all about his new releases (and book week fun times) plus in Kids Capers, meet the awesome Chickpea!

Picture Book Palooza

It’s picture book party time!

Gus Gordon, Lucinda Gifford and Kate & Jol Temple join us for a bumper celebration of all things PB.



In this episode, we shine a spotlight on the Own Voices movement. Meet author/illustrator Remy Lai, author and deaf activist Asphyxia plus award-winning YA author Alison Evans!

The Magic of Libraries

Meet debut middle grade author (and library worker!) Julianne Negri and hear all about her new book THE SECRET LIBRARY OF HUMMINGBIRD HOUSE. And in Kids Capers, the kids join in the library fun.

Serious Business

In this episode, we delve into the business of books with Laura Harris, Publishing Director at Penguin Random House. And the serious(!) biz continues in Kids Capers with Evie of Rockin Reads!

Secret Agent

In this episode, meet literary agent Danielle Binks, and hear about her double life as a middle grade author. And in Kids Capers, get some top secret agent tips from the REAL PIGEONS crew!

Gross is Good

In this episode, we get our gross on! Discover Mick Elliott’s thoughts on gross things in kids’ books, and hear the winning story in our kids’ writing comp!



Branching Out

This episode is all about getting outside your kidlit comfort zone. Meet illustrator Jess Racklyeft, who’s branching out with her latest work, and in Kids Capers hear from young readers giving new genres a go.


Industry All-rounder

In our first episode for 2020, we’re talking industry all-rounders, and who better to meet than author, illustrator and SO much more – Tania McCartney! And in Kids Capers, we meet the awesome Evie from Rockin Reads.

Christmas Q&A

Join team OMP for some festive cheer! We answer a Santa sack-load of questions submitted by our awesome listeners in an extended end of year chat.


Graphic Novels

Delve into the rapidly growing world of graphic novels for kids, as we meet SUPER SIDEKICKS creator Gavin Aung Than plus ACTION TANK creator Mike Barry!


On Country

In this episode, meet two talented Aboriginal book creators. Hear about Dub Leffler’s career and amazing upcoming books, and in Kids Capers, graphic novelist Brenton E. McKenna!

Rising Stars

This episode, meet a crop of up and coming kidlit talent – Lisa Siberry, Amelia McInerney, Fiona Hardy and Katrina McKelvey. Hear about their books and writing journeys for a dose of writerly inspo!


Unlikely Friends

Hear an in-depth chat with New York Times bestselling, Newbery-award winning children’s author, Kate DiCamillo!!!

And in Kids Capers, a young book fan chats bugs and bookish friends with the podcast’s own Liz Ledden!

Meet your heroes

Meet literary hero Libby Hathorn and hear about her decades long successful kids’ book career. And one lucky young interviewer gets to grill Jessica Townsend of Nevermoor fame!


all illustrations have been done by Marianne Khoo & Ramona Davey who we love & appreciate more than they can ever imagine!

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