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Mick Elliott is an author, illustrator, TV producer, literacy ambassador and mischief-maker.


His hit series, THE TURNERS, was nominated for an Aurealis Award and features on the Premiers’ Reading Challenge.


The latest book in his hilarious illustrated series, SQUIDGE DIBLEY DESTROYS EVERYTHING, has just been published by Hachette. To date, the series has been sold into six international territories.


Mick has worked as a children’s TV producer and writer on acclaimed productions for Nickelodeon, the Sesame Workshop and the ABC. 


Find Mick online at:


Website: www.mickelliott.me

Instagram: @whatmicksaw

Twitter: @TheMickElliott

Some of Mick Elliott's books include:

Kids Capers - Gross Story Competition

This episode we ran a writing competition for kids about all things gross!


We had a huge amount of entries but our winner was - 7 year-old SOPHIE with her hilarious tale titled THE STINKY STORY. We just loved it!


Huge congrats to our runner up, CALEB and our other finalists AMY, MINNIE, ELAIRA, HARRY and LAURA.

The Stinky Story by Sophie (7-years-old)

Once upon a time (“Toot!”) there were three (“TOOT!) children (“TOOOOT…sorry this story always makes be gassy. Toot!”).  Now where were we?...yes!  Three children called Tom, Maggie and Amy. 


They had known each other since they were born because Amy and Maggie had grown out of Tom’s ears.  When Amy and Maggie had come out they had been covered in disgusting sticky ear wax.


When Tom, Maggie and Amy were seven they wanted to start a band but they couldn’t play any instruments.   So they decided to visit Madam Zara, the sorceress. (“Tooot” oops me again.”)


Madam Zara’s house was far away but they kept on walking because they needed her help.


When the children arrived at the house, Maggie knocked lightly on the door.  But there was no answer so she knocked more loudly. But there was still no answer.  So Maggie banged on the door. This time Madam Zara opened the door and threw dog poo right in Maggie’s face.


Madam Zara looked so angry and she shouted “Take that you horrible tr….” Madam Zara froze as she realized that it was Maggie on her door step and not her arch nemesis, Dr. Deliteparts. “Oh no! What have I done?!?” cried Madam Zara. “I am so sorry Maggie. I thought that horrible little troll, Dr. Deliteparts was back.”


Maggie started to turn green, the dog poo stunk and some had gotten into her mouth. “Burrr, Burrrrrrrr….” Maggie vomited.  Madam Zara quickly cast a spell to clean up all the mess.


“Come in and sit down sweeties. So sorry again Maggie. Now what brings you three out here to see me?” said Madam Zara.


Amy answered “We want to start a band but we can’t play any instruments. “Can you help us?”. 


“Of course my dears. I was in a band myself when I was your age.  I know just the instrument to teach you.” replied Madam Zara.


So after that Tom, Maggie and Amy visited Madam Zara’s house for two weeks to rehearse.  Then they invited all their family and friends along to the town hall for their concert.


On the night of the concert Madam Zara sat proudly sat in the front row along with the children’s parents and grandparents.


The curtain went up (“Tooot! Excuse me.”) and there were Tom, Amy and Maggie standing on stage. The children were dressed up. Tom had on a red bow tie and Maggie and Amy had blue bows in their hair.   The children bowed then the music started. It was the theme song of their favourite movie. Next a loud “Pppppppprrrttttt!” followed by a “Bbbbrrrrrtttt!”, followed by a “Ffffffffffffttttt!”  Tom, Amy and Maggie were farting along to the music.  Madam Zara was grinning from ear to ear.  “I couldn’t have done better myself” she said. (“Tooooooooot!” Me again but at least this time in was in tune with the music).

Whatcha Readin?



Kate recommends Crack Up by author/illustrator Jules Faber, published by Pan MacMillan.







The Year The Maps Changed by Danielle Binks, published by Hachette.


Once Upon A Small Rhinoceros

Liz recommends Dugong Magic by Deborah Kelly & Lisa Stewart, published by Hachette.



Auntie Uncle Drag Queen Hero by Ellie Royce & Hannah Chambers, published by Power House Books.



My Possum Plays The Drums by Catherine Meatheringham and Max Hamilton, published by Windy Hollow Books.


Truly Tan Jen Storer


Nat recommends Derek Dool Supercool: Bust A Move by Adrian Beck & Scott Edgar, published by Penguin Random House.





Who's Your Real Mum? by Bernadette Green & Anna Zobel, published by Scribble.




Kate gives a shout-out to all the amazing books launching in April, including: 

YA novel Deep Water by Sarah Epstein. Sarah's book Spall Spaces won ALL the awards in 2019 and we're expecting similar from her new title. 



Anna Whateley's debut YA novel Peta Lyre's Rating Normal. This own voices novel featuring a neurodivergent protagonist is getting lots of buzz!



The January Stars by Kate Constable. An intriguing premise about two sisters who go to visit their grandfather at his care home, with no idea that they are about to set out on an intrepid adventure. 


Isla's Famliy Tree - a beautiful story about family and welcoming a new baby by picture book author Katrina McKelvey and illustrator Prue Pittock. 



Not being able to host a physical book launch or book tour makes this a tricky time for authors to be launching their books into the world, and many creators are feeling nervous. If you're able to support authors and illustrators by buying, borrowing or telling people about their books, it would go a long way to keeping them in the business of creating amazing new books for you to read. 

On Our Radar

Here are just a few of the things occupying our time during self isolation due to Corona:

Kate isn't really digging the combination of supervising school while working from home, but on the up-side, bunny PJs are now totally office attire!

Liz is into baking cookies - purposefully under-cooked. So good!

Nat is REALLY trying to get her book finished before the looming deadline!



Competition Details



This episode we’re giving away an awesomely gross prize pack, including:


Special guest, Mick Elliott’s latest book, Squidge Dibley Destroys Everything, plus Adrian Beck’s brand new book, Derek Dool Supercool: Bust A Move and of course, a bonus whoopee cushion!


Head to our WIN page and simply tell us your favourite gross moment in a kids’ book.


Enter your answer (or ask a parent to) by 5pm Tuesday 19th May 2020 to be in the running. 

Other Bits & Pieces

This episode we talked about a bunch of super cool online things people from the kidlit community are doing during these times of Stay Home, Stay Safe. Here are links to the ones we mentioned...

Jane Godwin reading her picture books on her Instagram, including her latest release 'I'll Always be Older than You':


And Gus Gordon reading his PBs at:


Dee White's virtual launch of her new middle grade novel 'Beyond Belief' - event was held on Facebook, now available via YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S06UkQDl7CY

Book'N'Boogie book-themed dance fitness with Nat Amoore


Adrian Beck's Author Hangout:


'The Besties' Ukulele Fun with Felice Arena



To illustrator Marianne Khoo (and her assistant Max) for designing the One More Page podcast logo and other associated images.

And to our sound editor Adam Orlowski for his wonderful audio genius - check out his other work at www.aosd.tk

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