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This episode, Liz shouts out to a campaign initiated by two of our favourite creators, Emily Gale and Nova Weetman. They're petitioning Steve Dimopoulos, the Victorian Minister for Creative Industries to add a children’s book category to the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards. There are already categories for Fiction, Non-Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Indigenous Writing and YA, but nothing for people writing or illustrating books for kids aged 12 and under and Emily and Nova are keen to change that. . 


If you’d like to get involved, support Emily Gale by following her on twitter: @emilygale and sharing posts, or drop a line to Steve Dimopoulos so he knows how important this is.


On Our Radar

On Kate's radar is a new paperback edition of Dear Grandpa, which is out this month, sporting a brand new cover designed by Julia Eim and Sandra Nobes, and featuring illustrations from the uber-talented Ronojoy Ghosh.  


Dear Grandpa tells the story of Henry, who lives 2003 kilometres from his grandpa. That's longer than all the world's blue whales placed end to end and as uncatchable as a goodnight kiss on a shooting star. 


Perfect for Father's Day, especially for families separated by distance. 

Competition Details

Thanks to Walker Books, we’re giving away Tilda by Sue Whiting, Jigsaw by Bob Graham, Ella and the Useless Day by Meg McKinlay and Karen Blair, Miss Penny Dreadful and the Midnight Kittens by Allison Rushby, My Dad Thinks He’s A Pirate by Katrina Germein and Tom Jellet and The Ghost Locket by Allison Rushby.


Head to our WIN page and simply tell us your favourite way to celebrate Book Week!



Enter your answer (or ask a parent to) by 5pm Tuesday 20 September 2022 to be in the running. 


To illustrators Ramona Davey and Marianne Khoo for all our wonderful One More Page images.

And to our sound editor Adam Orlowski for his wonderful audio genius - check out his other work at www.aosd.tk

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