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Cate Whittle writes for children and young adults. Her first book for young readers, 'Trouble at Home', about a girl and her troublesome dragon, was published by Omnibus Scholastic in 2016. More stories about Trouble followed over the next couple of years: 'Trouble and the Missing Cat', then 'Trouble and the New Kid' (which made the long list for the CBCA Book of the Year Awards in 2018), and, the final book in the short series, 'Trouble and the Exploding House'.


Cate’s latest book, 'Wyrd', for slightly older readers, was released in August 2018.


Cate lives in a beautiful rural valley in New South Wales with her family and a whole host of wildlife that visits her backyard. Other than writing stories, she is learning to illustrate, and she loves to read, go for walks in the rain, take photographs, and potter in the garden when she has time. Cate is also a teacher, and enjoys sharing her passion for stories with children and adults alike.



www.catewhittlewrites.com (for other writers, etc.)

www.catewhittlewrites2.com (for young readers - including blog posts by Georgia from the Trouble series)




Some of Cate's books include: 

Emma and Pip cannot seem to get along. This shouldn't be a problem, and it wouldn't be a problem - if it weren't for the fact that Emma's Dad is getting married to Pip's Mum! 


For Dad's sake, Emma tries to keep the peace, until a book of spells and wishes finds its way into the household, and she accidentally becomes a witch in a secret ceremony intended to impart magical powers to Pip. Emma is horrified. She never wanted to be a witch, and there seem to be a lot of difficult responsibilities attached to the job. 


Pip and Emma find themselves working together to reverse the effects of the spell, but nothing they can come up which offers a solution to their problem. But now Emma has an advantage over Pip, and maybe it would be fun to put it to good use...



Ages and ages ago – about two weeks since next Thursday – a giant green dragon stole my baby brother, Godfrey. Well, okay, the giant green dragon actually stole the house. … I saw it all happen. The only clues are potato chips and sarsaparilla drink. Can Georgia solve the mystery of the missing family home? A family story with an unexpected twist, perfect for developing reader confidence.



Kids Capers - 'The Spook of the Year Award' by Connor - Winner of our writing competition


By Connor - 11 years old - QLD


It was time to choose the winner of The Scariest Spook Of The Year Award. This award was a big honour so all the spooks got together to make a decision. It was never easy to pick. There were so many scary spooks.

The ghost got up first to say why he should win.

“I can go invisible so I am the best at sneaking up on people. That makes me the scariest,” he said.

The judge nodded and wrote down some notes. “Next” she said.

The witch picked up her broom and stood in front of the judge.

“I have the biggest pimples on my nose and they are full of pus. And when I squeeze them they shoot yellow stuff everywhere. It’s very scary. I can show you,” said the witch.

The judge shook her head. “No thank you,” she said.

Next Dracula got out of his coffin.

“I suck blood. It doesn’t taste very good. I actually prefer McDonalds thick shakes. But it does scare people.” He drank some chocolate thick shake and sat down.

“No food or drink in the courtroom,” said the judge.

Next the skeleton got up. He rattled his bones at the judge.

“I am the scariest of course. All I have to do is shake and the noise of my bones scares everyone. It sounds really scary when I do the floss.” Then the skeleton started to floss and his bones rattled very loudly.

“The noise is quite scary but the floss is a bit too silly,” said the judge with her serious faces.

Next came the scary clown.

“He he he he” he laughed. “I’m supposed to be funny but that makes me creepy. It’s an original kind of scary. Much scarier than all the boring kind of scarys the other have shown you,” said the clown and he offered the judge a balloon.

“Sorry we can’t accept bribes,” said the judge. “And my mum said not to take presents from strange clowns.”

Last was the zombie.

“Aaaarr!” he said.

“I"m sorry. What?” said the judge.

“Aaaarrrrr gaaarrrrrr!” said the zombie.

“Why do you think you should get the award?” said the judge.


“Ok I think you’ve made your point,” said the judge and the zombie sat down and started chewing on someone's arm.

The judge stood up. “If there is no one else then we think we have made our decision. The Scariest Spook Of The Year Award goes to…”

Then the doors flew open. A little boy stood there.

“I should get this award,” said the boy.

“You?” said the judge. “Why?”

“Because I have some information that will scare you more than anything. If I stopped believing in all of you then you wouldn’t exist anymore.”

The spooks all looked at each other. They were very quiet. Then the judge held the award in the air.

“The Scariest Spook Of The Year Award goes to this little boy,” she said. All the spooks cheered.

“My name is Connor,” said the boy with a big smile “And…BOO!”

And all the spooks ran away.

Whatcha Readin?


Kate recommends The Turnkey, written by Allison Rushby and published by Walker Books.


Once Upon A Small Rhinoceros

Liz recommends The Scared Book, written by Debra Tidball, illustrated by Kim Siew, and published by Hachette.


Truly Tan Jen Storer

Nat recommends Beware The Deep Dark Forest written by Sue Whiting, illustrated by Annie White and published by Walker Books.



This episode, Nat gives a shout out to Inktober 2018 and talks to illustrator Matt B Lewis about getting involved in the challenge. Check out Inktober and Matt's awesome illustrations.







Website: www.inktober.com

Instagram: @inktober

Hastags: #inktober #inktober2018


Matt B Lewis:

Website: www.mattblewis.com

Instagram: @matt.b.illustrations

On Our Radar

On Liz's radar is a fun new Instagram account - The Illustration Station - which is full of illustrations by some talented kids’ book creators, a mix of published illustrators and up and coming talent. You can find it on Instagram @theillustrationstation - so whether you’re looking to commission an illustrator or just appreciate kids book illustrations, it’s worth checking out. 

Competition Details

This episode we have an awesome spooky book pack from our besties at Walker Books. To celebrate Halloween, we are giving away Scared To Death by Anthony Horowitz, My Dead Bunny by Sigi Cohen &  James Foley and Beware the Deep Dark Forest by Sue Whiting & Annie White.


Head to our WIN page and tell us what you’re dressing up as this Halloween. Enter your answer (or ask a parent to) by 5pm Tuesday 13th November to be in the running. 

Other Bits & Pieces

We managed to get a quick photo of Matt B Lewis' lollypop drawing before Nat gobbled it up.

We had so much fun Trick or Treating this year. We got lollies and books and got to meet some really cool book-peeps!

Nat couldn't resist adding Lachlan's story Freaky Farters to our Halloween Episode.


By Lachlan - 10 years old - VIC


One night at Westall Primary School (W.P.S.) someone broke in. His name is Father Farter and he is the smelliest villain in the world. In fact, he is so stinky, the smell can knock a person out and when they wake up they are his slaves! Father Farter dreams of taking over the world and to be THE KING OF THE WORLD.

The next morning, an awesome person called Israel, who smells so fresh, is walking outside the school when he sees ZOMBIES moving around. And they smell like FART! Israel walks towards them but they won’t let him get close. “They must be afraid of my fresh, fragrant smell!” Israel says to himself.

And that’s when he gets the idea to save the school! He sprays some of his deodorant in to the air and the fart-smelling zombies turn back in to... STUDENTS! Israel continues spraying the deodorant and more students reappear. But before he saves all the students, Father Farter bursts out of the school shouting at Israel to stop! As he gets closer, the sweet smell makes Father Farter weaker so Israel grabs a second deodorant and sprays more until... POOF! Father Farter turns to dust!

“Yay!” the students scream as Israel saves the day! He feels proud but exhausted... and a little stinky!


To illustrator Marianne Khoo for designing the One More Page podcast logo and other associated images.

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